Why you should buy every new mum a facial

Perhaps it shouldn’t be the case, but how you look matters. I think as a woman, your self-esteem is so wrapped up in how you look. I love make-up and I love how it makes me feel… confident and attractive, maybe even sexy if I have my red carpet lippy on. Without it, I want to melt into the background, be invisible. I know that’s quite sad. I’ve worn make-up since I was I my early teens, despite protestations from my mother, who lamented at all the different products I used on my acne-prone skin. She has incredible skin and she puts it down to the fact that she never wore make-up. I’m approaching 40. When I look at my naked face, all I can see are the crows feet, the dark circles under my eyes, the fine lines around my mouth. However, with make-up, I feel different, like I can take on anything. But, what if you could feel so confident in your skin that you could forsake your beloved make-up?

Recently, I had a Guinot Age Summum facial at Beauty Culture, a multi-award-winning salon in east Belfast and it’s a stone’s throw where I live, which is a bonus. It’s the ultimate skincare treatment for women 35 and over that erases signs of ageing, lack of firmness, dull complexion and fine lines. It felt so good to lie back under towels and blankets and to let someone else be in charge of your well-being. Okay, Sonny was amusing himself on the floor with latex gloves. It’s not always possible to get babysitters, but, I hoped for the best as I laid back, listening to deliciously, chilled out vibes. If it wasn’t for Sonny, I’d definitely have drifted off to that sweet land of nod.

Sonny tasting out the products

I asked my fresh-faced, extremely clued-in therapist to be brutally honest about my skin. I don’t know if it’s an age thing or a new mum thing, but I’m much less inclined to be offended by things now, maybe a little when it comes to my appearance, but hey, I’m a woman, and I like being told I look good as much as the next. Luckily, it wasn’t all bad. She said I had soft skin that was ageing gracefully (result) but and I wasn’t suffering premature ageing. Well, I’m kicking the ass of 40 so fine lines are to be expected. She didn’t even mention my crow’s feet, an area I’m most paranoid about. But, they’re a road map of my life to date, and I’ve been blessed to laugh a lot. She did say I had fine lines on my forehead, open pores on my nose and cheeks, which I’m aware off and I was a bit dark around the eyes. As a new mum, that definitely something you have to live with – but drinking two litres of water a day will certainly help. (Groan).

You can tell I’m a low-maintenance gal as I was given what I thought was a cape to wear. No, it was a boob tube. How embarrassing. I make a joke and the treatment begins. To start, a Dermabrasion Exfoliating Cream is applied to prep my skin for serum, it also rejuvenates the skin’s appearance. Next, a Regenerating Anti-Ageing Serum is applied that uses Vitamin C, which encourages cell regeneration and radiance. The next step is an Age Summum Facial Massage. This anti-ageing massage technique helps penetrate hyaluronic acid and makes the skin appear firmer and facial features rejuvenated.  The final step is an Age Summum Face Mask. This specific anti-ageing tissue mask is enriched in pro-collagen serum that adds youthful radiance to the skin. So, the mask is not exactly flattering and I thought it would scare Sonny, but it takes a lot to phase him it seems, he just smiled and waved at me. The cuteness!

Super Sonny

Before my facial, my skin was definitely lacking radiance and I had serious eye-bags. I look at my naked face post-treatment, and it’s pink, dewy and glowing. I’m impressed. Almost as good as Sonny’s… well almost. So much so, I get a picture taken, scroll down to see the results. This anti-ageing facial is so popular as it’s non-invasive, deeply relaxing and the results last up to four weeks. It the perfect alternative to Botox and other expensive treatments. Looking good (at least for me) puts a spring in your step. Being able to face the world without make-up is really empowering. But I do love make-up, and you should continue doing whatever makes you feel good too.


I showed my dear husband a picture of me post facial, sans make-up. He says, in all honesty, “Is that the before shot?”. I shout expletives. Men. Speaking of though, if you happen to be reading this and wondering what to get your better half for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or maybe she’s about to become a mum, this really is the perfect gift. It would also make a great Baby Shower gift, or new mum gift. While I know you can’t resist buying snuggly pram suits for the new arrival, mums need looking after too. Especially after giving birth. Even if you are under 35, Beauty Culture will have a treatment that’s perfect for you.

It costs £78 for a one-hour treatment. For the best results, it’s recommended that you have one treatment a week for four weeks and then one a month as maintenance. 

And ladies, keep your skin gorgeous by investing in a good serum. It absorbs into the skin much quicker than a thick cream – which you can buy from Beauty Culture of course.

Visit https://beautyculture.co.uk/


  1. I love this blog entry, not only because I’m a new Mum
    Obsessed with skincare, but also because I’m a beauty therapist at Beauty Culture. I’m just about to come back after maternity leave, and cannot wait to get working with Guinot again. I absolutely love doing the facials on clients and seeing the amazing results, and as you can imagine I love getting them done on me as well. The Age Summum is a favourite of mine too. Your little one is such a cutie, glad to see he had a good time in the treatment room as well. Glad you enjoyed your treatment! The Age Summum facial can definitely transform ‘Mummy’ skin issues and offer relaxation. Suzanne x

    Liked by 1 person


    1. Thank you for reading and the lovely comment! I loved the treatment and hope to get another one soon. I’m returning to work soon too and we need to treat ourselves as busy working mums! Thanks, Sonny is a darling. Hope your little one doing good. DX



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