Sonny’s magical adventure at Hartbeeps

As a new mum, there are many classes to try with your baby, from sensory to rhythm and rhyme and swimming. It can be hard to know what to put your very limited money into. On Monday, I brought Sonny to Hartbeeps, a musical baby class. I’ve tried a few classes with my little man but this is my favourite. This is not a paid for review by the way, I just wanted to share my experience.

Held in a ballet studio at the top of the Ormeau road (just one of the venues), classes are kept small and intimate. I was welcomed by the lovely coordinator Paula as I wheeled in a peaceful Sonny, now five months. I always fret that he will kick off and want fed and changing as soon as I go to a class (or anywhere) but I looked around and other mums were feeding their babies, breast and bottle, around me. Before the class started, Paula said that it was “baby led” and that if little ones need fed or changing, that is expected and totally cool.

Eh, what do I do with this?

This particular class was Baby Bells, suitable from newborns to sitting. First up was a gentle massage to music, then a little baby bouncing. Next was the really fun bit, dressing up. The mums (and one dad) were given tiny hats and scarves to dress babies up for an adorable campfire scenario. Babies were given little plastic cups for pretend hot chocolate for them and their teddy bears (naturally!). When it was time to clear up, the little ones were given pom poms ‘brooms’, which Sonny was captivated with. Then the lights were lowered and the magic really happened. Stars lights were handed out  while soothing music was played. Even better, bright coloured feathers were dropped on each of the babies heads. It was a lovely touch, even if they ended up in Sonny’s gob.

Glitter looks good on me.

As I had arrived early (I know, me early?), I observed the time and care that Paula took setting everything up. It’s just like a mini theatre for babies, full of lights, bubbles, music and fun. It’s a great way to spend some time out of the house bonding with your baby.

For those with older babies or toddlers, there are classes called Baby Beeps and Happy House too. Paula also sells gorgeous toys at great prices to continue the fun at home.

Have you tried Hartbeeps? Let me know in the comments below.

Davina x

Twinkle, twinkle little star


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