Teething, tantrums and turds – another month of manic motherhood

Four months of motherhood and every day is a school day. My darling Sonny is no longer a tiny baby, only waking for feeds and to get his smelly little bottom changed. Now, he wants to be entertained – constantly. He’s not usually a tough audience and sometimes even the sight of me elicits a squeal of delight (or horror if it’s 5am). As wonderful as this journey is, it’s not without its challenges. At a tender age of 19 weeks, Sonny is preparing to, err… cut his teeth.

Last weekend, I met a lovely new mummy friend for lunch. I had expected this to be a relaxed, giggle-filled afternoon while our two babies and we bonded. With a glass of mummy medicine in hand (Prosecco obvs), we exchanged funny stories and anecdotes on being new mums. I fed Sonny, hoping I’d be able to place him in his buggy while I tucked into a steak sandwich. I was starving having forgone breakfast in a bid to get out the door in time for the bus. Now, ordering something which requires both a knife and fork is crazy if you have a little one, especially as you’re on call should your tiny boss require your undivided attention. As I jiggled Sonny on my knee, I wolfed a few chips while my sandwich got cold. I didn’t mind so much, thinking he’s due a kip. How wrong was I?! He opened his lungs and proceeded to wail, scream and ball. My cheeks burned as I felt other diners’ eyes bore into me. Meanwhile, my friend’s little one was the picture of contentment. There was nothing else for it but to make a speedy exit. My friend was so lovely, understanding my plight. But, when it rains it pours, and that’s exactly what it was doing. With Sonny still hollering, I hastily pulled on the rain cover, and made my way to a coffee shop where I figured I’d try and appease my poor baby with a bottle of milk. As luck would have it, two girls I used to work with noticed a frazzled me trying to push my buggy up the step into the shop and helped me. I joined them while I fed my little red-faced man and they made me feel at ease. I’ll always feel grateful for their smiles that day when all I wanted to do was cry. It’s so horrible when your baby is upset – you feel a mix of panic, helplessness, even guilt.

The drama wasn’t over. My husband who picked me us up from town informed me that the cat did a massive turd on our new hearth. I screamed at the cat and took my sucky mood out on my husband. “I didn’t have a great day either you know!” He grumpily retorts. “You didn’t have a screaming baby to deal with though,” I fire back. “I’d gladly have done an exchange,” he says. What I replied to that is unprintable.

As I write this, Sonny is being a dream baby again, busying himself with his toys and giving me big, gummy smiles. “Waaaaa!” Ah shit, spoke too soon.





  1. Great read Davina! I completely feel you darling. Aria started screaming and throwing herself bacwards in the trolley in Mercadona the other day because she couldn’t reach all the food on the shelves! I went bright red and straight to the till in a panick, leaving half my shopping list still o the shelves!! Haha! The Joys… but we wouldn’t change it for the world. Looking forward to your next chapter beautiful. XXX

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